Who we are

Meet our team of wonderful volunteers that help make Ohel Moed happen.

If you'd like to be involved, please be in touch.


Sarah - Beth

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Hi, I’m Sarah-Beth. I grew up in Edinburgh and moved to London after university. I joined Ohel Moed in its early days and have loved watching it grow as a community. For years it has given me an inclusive and egalitarian space to engage in meaningful prayer. I organise Ohel Moed’s Friday night services and invariably they are the highlight of my week! Something fun about myself: when I was a baby, my cries and laughs were used as sound effects in radio dramas.


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Hi I’m Lucy. I grew up attending Noam Masorti Youth, where I found my Judaism. For me Ohel Moed is the next step on that journey and allows me continue to be part of a welcoming, creative, grassroots community and practice meaningful, egalitarian, Judaism surrounded by inspiring, wonderful people. It’s very exciting to be part of a community forging it’s own path. Fun fact about me; I am also a bellydance teacher. 



Shabbat Team & Past Co-Chair

Ella grew up in the United Synagogue, migrated to Reform Judaism and RSY-Netzer for a decade or so, ran away to New York to go figure things out at Yeshivat Hadar and finally found the ideal middle ground at OhMo a couple of years ago. She loves OhMo’s inclusive atmosphere, queer visibility and emphasis on food. Ella is currently doing a masters degree in International Law, and her favourite things are niggunim, conversations about women wearing tefilin, home-made bagels and muddy walks.



Steering Group

Rachel is a big fan of leyning and helps organise the services and leyning rotas. She is also a B'nei Mitzvah tutor and works in interfaith dialogue. She likes gardening, knitting, climbing and skiing.



Steering Group

Anna Sheinman has lead our Listening Team, been part of our Havdallah Team, and back when dinner parties were a thing she and her partner Chris were regular Friday night OhMo hosts. Right now her role is General OhMo Cheerleader (give meee an Oh! etc). She is also a fundraising consultant and sushi addict, not necessarily in that order.



Shabbat Morning

Isabel Bard loves minyan, Torah, walks, and vegan babka. She has wandered round various yeshivot in Jerusalem and New York and can currently be found on Twitter or in North-West London. She teaches at a primary school. This year she's learnt a fair amount of Arabic on Duolingo, started and given up on sourdough, and successfully made apple cider vinegar at home.